Earth Enviromental and Geotechnical

Earth Enviromental and Geotechnical is an independant UK based company providing expert advice to our clients. We specialise in Ecology, Contaminated Land, Drainage and Geotechnical Services. Our offices are staffed by experienced consultants with a sound understanding of the legislative, financial and commercial pressures our clients face on each poject. We undertake environmental and geotechnical site investigations and assesments all over the UK, often to inform the planning process. This often requires detailed desk studies, assessments and the development of pragmatic strategies.

We offer the following services;

  • Phase l Desk studies, Geotechnical and Contaminated Land Site Investigation, Geotechgnical Assessment, Foundation Design, Ground Gas Assessment, Slope Stability Assessment, Landfill Design and Construction Quality Assurance, Geological Assessment, Hydrogeological Assessment, Abandoned Shaft & Mineworking Studies/Remediation.
  • Flood Risk Assessment, SUDS Reports.
  • Environmental Impact Assessments, Remediation Validation, Development of Contaminated Land Remedial Strategies.
  • Extended Phase l Habitat Surveys, Protected species surveys (bats, great crested newt, reptiles etc.), Ecological Impact Assessments, Ecological Mitigation and Management Plans, Arboricultural Assessments, Human Health and Controlled Water Risk Assessment, Environmental Monitoring, Sediment and Effluent Monitoring.